30 prompt examples to try DALL-E AI image generation

Some AI prompts examples to try with Artist Image Generator WordPress plugin. Imagine whatever you want and illustrate your blog posts, pages and featured images with ease using this awesome AI image generation tool. Works with DALLE-2 and DALLE-3. Have fun !

Category: Landscapes / Nature

  • “Describe a sunny beach with waves crashing on the shore.”
  • “Imagine a dense forest with lush trees and light filtering through the leaves.”
  • “Create an image of a sunset over a mountain, with warm shades of red and orange.”
  • “Describe a vibrant field of wildflowers bursting with vivid colors.”
  • “Imagine a tranquil lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, reflecting the blue sky.”

Category: Paintings / Art

  • “Create a depiction of a bustling urban scene with skyscrapers and bright lights.”
  • “Describe an abstract painting full of geometric shapes and vivid colors.”
  • “Imagine a stone sculpture representing a human figure in motion.”
  • “Create an image of a still life with fruits and flowers arranged on a table.”
  • “Describe a realistic portrait of a person with expressive details.”

Category: Objects / Artifacts

  • “Imagine an ancient treasure chest filled with sparkling jewels and gold coins.”
  • “Create an image of a legendary sword planted in a stone, waiting for a hero to remove it.”
  • “Describe an old dusty book with a leather cover and yellowed pages.”
  • “Imagine a telescope pointed towards the stars, ready to reveal the secrets of the universe.”
  • “Create a representation of an ancient parchment covered with mysterious writings and esoteric symbols.”

Category: Architecture / Buildings

  • “Describe an imposing medieval castle perched atop a hill.”
  • “Imagine a futuristic city with glass towers and suspended walkways between buildings.”
  • “Create an image of a traditional Japanese house surrounded by a zen garden.”
  • “Describe a white Mediterranean villa overlooking the turquoise sea.”
  • “Imagine a solitary lighthouse on a cliff battered by waves.”

Category: Fantasy / Imaginary World

  • “Create an image of an elven village nestled in an enchanted glade.”
  • “Describe a magical portal surrounded by iridescent energy arcs.”
  • “Imagine a celestial waterfall descending from the clouds in a fantasy world.”
  • “Create a representation of a majestic dragon soaring in a starry sky.”
  • “Describe a floating city with buildings suspended in the clouds.”

Category: Science-Fiction / Future

  • “Imagine a cyberpunk megacity with shimmering neon lights and dancing holograms.”
  • “Create an image of a colossal spaceship exploring the depths of the universe.”
  • “Describe a futuristic orbital station with glass domes housing hydroponic gardens.”
  • “Imagine an underwater city illuminated by bioluminescent lights.”
  • "Create a representation of a human colony on an alien planet, with protective domes and fields of

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