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Looking for a way to create unique and engaging visual content with AI? Try DALL-E right into WordPress with Artist Image Generator. Generate high-quality and distinctive visual content for your featured images, blog posts, page and so on. If you want to sell visual art or just add illustration to a product, the plugin use Artificial Intelligence technology to generate stunning royalty-free images and avatars based on text or through images variations.

With Artist Image Generator, you can easily create custom illustrations for your posts, pages, and products, transforming any image from the internet into your own personalized creation. Plus, with AI-based image generator tools available through shortcodes, you can offer your visitors a fun and interactive way to generate their own images, such as a tattoo idea generator.

But that’s not all – Artist Image Generator also offers AI-based avatar generator tools, allowing your users to create and set their own avatars on WordPress. This feature is compatible with One User Avatar and Simple Local Avatar, and the light interface is directly accessible through the WP Media Library.

DALL-E AI Image Generation Everywhere: Create Captivating WordPress Featured Images and Posts, Sell AI Visual Art with WooCommerce. Customize Style, Size, Quality, Prompts.

The Artist Image Generator plugin utilizes OpenAI’s advanced artificial intelligence service, specifically DALL·E 2 and DALL·E 3.

Built within the WordPress media library framework, this plugin seamlessly integrates image generation capabilities across various sections of your website, including articles, pages, user profiles, categories, widgets, and site customization options.

Users can access the plugin directly from the WordPress Popup Media Manager. It’s designed to be compatible with popular block builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and WP Bakery, as well as Woocommerce.

Generated images can be easily saved directly into the WordPress Media Library. This ensures quick access and hassle-free use of the images throughout your website without any additional steps.

Exemple using Artist Image Generator to build a page on Elementor.

Key features: Create Stunning Royalty-Free Images from Text and Image Variations. Build public Images and AI Avatars generators with topic-based shortcodes functionnality.

The main functionalities of Artist Image Generator are completely free (Text-to-image / variation) and are integrated in a similar manner to OpenAI’s setup on its lab page.

FeatureDescriptionDALL·E 2DALL·E 3Free
Image GenerationCreate original images based on text prompts✔️✔️✔️
Image VariationCreate images from an existing one without prompt✔️✔️
Image EditEdit images from multiple ones, add mask via text prompt✔️
Image by TopicsUsers can create and download topic oriented images✔️✔️✔️
Avatar by TopicsUsers can create and set topic oriented avatars✔️✔️✔️
HistoryAll non-selected generated image are saved for 1hour✔️✔️✔️
More images at timeUp to 10 images using DALL·E 2 (free) and DALL·E 3 (pro)✔️✔️
Note: official DALL·E 3 image variation and editing are not available yet.

Benefits of using Artist Image Generator AI image creation plugin for WordPress

Transform your WordPress website with Artist Image Generator AI Image Creation Plugin and unlock a lot of benefits that will simplify your writing process. Illustrate your posts and pages with royalties-free unique images and build an original website using AI. Here are some key advantages you’ll gain from using our plugin:

Effortlessly Enhance Your Posts with AI
  • Say goodbye to tedious image searches and create compelling visuals in seconds.
  • Simply provide a description, and our advanced AI technology will generate up to 10 images in various styles, including art, paintings, and realistic imagery.
Distraction-Free Interface for Seamless Integration
  • Enjoy a streamlined workflow by using our plugin directly from the plugin page or within the Media Manager Modal while drafting your content.
  • Simply provide a description, and the plugin will generate up to 10 images in various styles, including art, paintings, and realistic imagery.
User-Friendly and Lightweight Design
  • Built with simplicity in mind, offering core functionalities that are easy to navigate, even for non-developer WordPress users.
  • A convenient tool for generating fast high-quality images everywhere on your website.
Optimized for Enhanced SEO
  • Add “alt text” and “title” tags to your images for improved SEO.
  • Automatically rename generated files with SEO-friendly names based on the provided description.
Access to Royalty-Free Images
  • Own the images you create, granting you complete freedom to utilize them on your website without concerns about licensing.
Fully Translatable for Global Reach
  • Translatable into any language using standard .po and .mo files.
  • Easy to utilize for users worldwide.
Easy Integration with OpenAI API Key
  • Get started swiftly by using an OpenAI API Key.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions available on our plugin’s settings page.
  • And you are ready to go.

Sell Personnalized Product on WooCommerce shops

Let the user customize your product by its own. Define a customization area on the main image and display an image generator on the product page. The user can then generate uniques AI images and preview the render on the product he would buy.

How to install the plugin and setting it up

Review the documentation to understand how to set up the plugin and begin using it effectively.

How to use the plugin : tips and tricks

Read the latest posts about how to use the features to generate high quality images from DALL·E.

Download Artist Image Generator

The plugin is available on the official WordPress plugin directory. Enhance your website with artificial intelligence image generation using DALL·E framework. Visit the shop to buy a premium bundle or simply donate to support the developer.

Download Artist Image Generator – AI Image & Avatar creation for WordPress. The plugin is highly maintained by Pierre Viéville on Github. Feel free to reach out and follow on social media to get the latest news about the plugin.
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