Artist Image Generator integrates DALL·E-3 features

This article is adapted from the official DALL·E-3 documentation

DALL·E-3 represents the latest advancements in text-to-image generation models, offering a suite of new features and capabilities to enhance image generation experiences. Here’s an overview of what’s new with DALL·E-3, along with insights into how you can leverage its power.

From Artist Image Generator plugin, you can use all theses new parameters directly from your WordPress Media Library. And everywhere, because it is compatible with some block-builders like Elementor, WP Bakery, FL Builder and more. Read the plugin’s white-paper.

New Parameters:

  • model (‘dall-e-2’ or ‘dall-e-3’): Specifies the model for image generation. The default is ‘dall-e-2’.
  • style (‘natural’ or ‘vivid’): Determines the style of generated images. The default is ‘vivid’.
  • quality (‘standard’ or ‘hd’): Sets the image quality. The default is ‘standard’.

Other Parameters:

  • prompt: A textual description of the desired image(s). The maximum length is 1000 characters and it’s required.
  • n: Number of images to generate (1 to 10). The default is 1 for DALL·E-3.
  • size: Image size specifications. Varies depending on the DALL·E model used.
  • response_format: Format for returned images (‘url’ or ‘b64_json’). The default is ‘url’.

Note : On Artist Image Generator, the response_format is currently setted as “url”.

New Features

Prompt Rewriting

DALL·E-3 employs prompt rewriting using GPT-4 to optimize prompts for better results. While this feature cannot be disabled, providing detailed prompts yields superior outcomes.

Standard vs HD Quality

It introduces the ‘quality’ parameter to adjust image detail and organization. ‘HD’ quality offers finer details and consistency, albeit at a higher cost and longer generation times.

New Sizes

Three image sizes, providing flexibility in aspect ratio and style: 1024×1024, 1024×1792, 1792×1024.

New Styles

Introduces two styles: ‘natural’ and ‘vivid’, catering to different aesthetic preferences. Default configuration is ‘vivid’

Examples and Prompts

Explore various applications of DALL·E-3, such as icon and logo generation, custom tattoos, die-cut stickers, Minecraft skins, and more.

Custom Tattoos

Utilize the Artist Image Generator plugin to generate custom tattoos based on specific topics and prompts.

Plugin Integration

The plugin seamlessly integrates DALL·E-2 and DALL·E-3 functionalities into WordPress. Learn how to install the plugin here.

More Resources

For further information on DALL·E-3, consult the official resources:

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