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In the world of tattoo artistry, inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a vibrant landscape, intricate Japanese designs, or the bold lines of Old School tattoos, finding the perfect idea can be a journey. But what if there was a way to streamline this process and bring your tattoo visions to life effortlessly? Introducing AI Image Generation by topics, a powerful tool integrated seamlessly into your WordPress website with the Artist Image Generator plugin.

Use-case subject

Imagine empowering your tattoo studio clients with an unprecedented, personalized adventure in body art—an AI-powered image generation tool. This innovative feature offers them the autonomy to craft and fine-tune their tattoo visions based on specific themes, inspirations, and prompts.

With just a few purposeful clicks, your clients can access a curated selection of tattoo styles and generate unique ideas for the tatoo artist. It is as if each client has a personal tattoo concierge, one that quickly understands their tastes and preferences, suggesting designs that resonate with their personal story or aesthetic desires.

Let’s delve into how this functionality works. Using the Artist Image Generator shortcode feature, clients can easily generate tattoo images with precision. Here’s a breakdown of how it all comes together.

Define tattoo styles or topics available

To ensure a focused experience, clients can select from a range of predefined tattoo styles. Depending of the tatoo artist style, these may include:

  • Old School
  • Japanese
  • Realism
  • Ornamental
  • Manga
  • Landscape

You can define here all the styles which are supported by the tatoo artists for exemple.

Customize the default prompt

The magic begins with the client’s prompt, guiding the AI DALL-E model to generate tattoo ideas. By default, the prompt encourages the creation of a tattoo incorporating the selected style on a white background, with the option for color customization. The prompt template is as follows:

A {topics} tattoo on a white background, in color, representing {public_prompt}.

Note: First, user topics selected, secondly some image specs and finally the user prompt. You can image whatever structure you want.

Build the Shortcode

The shortcode simplifies the process, allowing clients to effortlessly access the AI image generation tool. For demo purpose, we’ll use dall-e-2 model and small size image but you can also use all theses params :

Shortcode’s optional parameters

Don’t forget to read what is new with DALL-E 3 model and how you can use it with Artist Image Generator.

nNumber of images to generate (max. 10 for dall-e-2, 1 for dall-e-3)33
sizeImage size options for generation“256×256”, “512×512”, “1024×1024” (dall-e-2), “1024×1024”, “1024×1792”, “1792×1024” (dall-e-3)1024×1024
modelOpenAI model options for image generation“dall-e-2”, “dall-e-3”“dall-e-2”
qualityImage quality options (dall-e-3 only)“standard”, “hd”“standard”
styleImage style options (dall-e-3 only)“natural”, “vivid”“vivid”

Here’s our final shortcode example

[aig prompt="A {topics} tattoo on a white background, in color, representing {public_prompt}." topics="Japanese, Realism, Ornamental, Manga, Landscape" download="manual" model="dall-e-2" size="256x256" n="3" user_limit="1"]

This shortcode configuration enables clients to specify their desired tattoo style, customize their prompt, and generate multiple tattoo ideas for consideration. Additionally, clients have the option to download the generated images manually, providing flexibility and convenience.

Preview and publish the Tatoo AI image Generator

With a 5 minute setup you have access to a powerful and unique feature on your website. Try for exemple with “Japanese” topic and “Exotic bird with multicolored feathers” or “Godzilla king of monsters in a city breathing fire while fighting” prompt.

Select one or more topics for image generation.

Enter a brief description for the image generation.

The generation is limited for test purpose only. Download Artist Image Generator to try it on your own website!

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